How to use google disavow link tool Complete Guide

Guide To use Google disavow link tool – Your site Have a lot of backlinks and you making a lot of backlinks but some link is harmful and nonrelevant

Your site has a backlink that links to nonrelevant sites like adult site or another site so in this condition google penalize your site

Every SEO Expert know that backlink is received by adult and nonrelevant its harmfull for your Google ranking or maybe site penalized by google search engine

What happens if a non-relevant site keeps linking to you?  Do you get a backlink from an adult or gambling site?

Solution is Google disavow link tool Google has to give the tool that helps to remove unnatural and nonrelevant backlink from your website

in this tool, we submit a .txt file in disavow tool in which we add all the backlink domain that we want to remove our website see this video –

In the video, Matt gives a few big considerations to understand before using this tool

When We use Google disavow link tool if

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  • your site receives manual penalty by Google sometime google give a penalty If you receive a manual penalty, you will need to use the Disavow Tool. (Source)
  • Use the Disavow Tool if your site receives an algorithmic penalty

Google’s warning of the use of disavow link tool – This is an advanced feature and should only be used with caution. If used incorrectly, this feature can potentially harm your site’s performance in Google’s search results. We recommend that you only disavow backlinks if you believe that there are a considerable number of spammy, artificial, or low-quality links pointing to your site and if you are confident that the links are causing issues for you.

How to use Google disavow link tool 

First thing do you need to do is –

1.Log in Your search consol and Find the option “Link To your site” Like this image


2. Click on the more tab and download all link in excel file after that check every domain there receives the backlink

check the domain DA and PA And Spam Score in MOZ SEmrush and other tools

if you saw backlink have come from the adult site or non-relevant site make not paid .txt file and add each domain that you want to disavow and tell the search engine about this backlink

Now We Created Disavow Not Paid file in which add all backlink domain that we want to remove from our website

Example of a Good Disavow File:

# Negative SEO Attack - ALL SPAM Domains
# Made Contact: 06/10, 10/10, 18/10 with No Response
# Directory Network - Trying to Charge for Link Removals

3. Go to the disavow tool in webmaster click here


Select a website that has a spam backlink and want to remove them

4. in next step we add a .txt file that we created for spam backlink


add your not paid file to which you add a domain that we receive spam backlink like an adult site or another site

Now Final step Click on submit button – Congratulation you have a successfully disavow spam backlink by Google disavow link tool

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