Want to track calls to the phone number on a website using google tag manager for conversion tracking. there are several way to track phone number click but we can use event listener in Google Tag Manager,

and we can done phone call tracking in google analytics and Tag manager also.

it’s a easy way to track phone call click, but this will require that you amend to your website to have the proper markup for telephone calls.

before we start guide, you need to implement HTML markup on your website, means you need to make clickable phone number to open in mobile device to call.

e.g. Use href=”tel:555-555-5555″ once you have complete this open your google tag manager for next steps.

Track Phone Calls With Google Tag Manager

1. Open Google Tag Manager
2. Create Trigger
3. Choose Event
4. Choose Click

5. Configure trigger on Just Links
6. Enable when Page URL contains .*
7. Fire ON Click URL contains tel:
7. Create Trigger

Here is what i want to tell you – In the section of configure select “Just Link”  in the next box add Page URL contains .*  its define it to fire on a link that has the tel: markup. now jump to next box where select > Click URL > contains tel: now click on Create Trigger.

See Below Picture for more details –

You have created Trigger now create Create a Google Analytics Tag

1.Create Tag
2.Choose Google Analytics Tag; choose Universal
3.Configure the Tag for Click
4.Put in your UA tracking ID from Google Analytics
5.Choose the Track type for Event
6. Define the Event
7. Category = Phone Call Click, Action = Click URL, Label = Page URL
8. Fire On choose More, then choose your phone call trigger
9. Create Tag.

See the below Image for more details –

Time To Preview the Tag Firing

1. Choose Preview Mode in Tag Manager

2. Go to your website and Click the link which you want to track like phone number

3. See the the tag firing in the once the link is click

4. Check firing status if it showing successful than your tag have been implement properly also you can check live tracking in google analytics.

Check GA Real Time Events to see this event come send data to Google Analytics.

Once you found everything is working good than Leave Preview mode and Publish the trigger and Tag.

For conversation tracking in google analytics, we have to set up Goals in Analytics……. for tracking phone call click in Analytics.

Set Up call tracking in Google analytics

  1. Open Google analytics and sign in
  2. Click on admin section
  3. Select Goals
  4. Click on New Goals
  5. under goal setup select “Custom”
  6. Give the name and select type events
  7. In the Goal details box we need to add only Category > Phone Call Click

Now Click On “SAVE”

See the below image for more details –

Now You are able to track phone number call & click in Analytics with the help of google tag manager………..

Any Questions feel free to comment…..