Want to measure your conversation by tracking mailto click? your answer “YES”

Website owner add in there website one contact form or one mailto link, means a business mail but lot’s of people forget to add mail to link in website he just put the contact form and simple email address but also you need to put your email address with mailto link for user reaction tracking on your website.

Email click and touches data helps us to know how much people wants to connect with us and how much ignore us, few year ago we was can’t able to track any email click in our website.

but thanks to google tag manager who comes with the solutions. now we can track Clicks/touches In Google Analytics With the help of google Tag Manager.

So let us know in brief How to track email click in google analytics with google tag manager –

First! Ready Your Website For Email Click Tracking

Before we going next steps, you need implement your website with mailto link pages which you want to track email click add email address with mail to link like.

For example, your mailto links should look something like this: mailto:start@pixbrand.in

Track Email Clicks/touches In Google Analytics With Tag Manager

The first thing you will need to do once you have logged in to Tag Manager, is to create a trigger. In this example I have named the trigger “click on mailid”:

Now follow the simple steps –

  1. Trigger Type > Click > Just Link
  2. Tick On Check Validation

Now you have to select when the tag manager will work, example what page will fire on the header for example, then there tag will be fire everywhere.

select the “Page URL matches RegEx .*” within the “Enable When” section. This will ensure that all pages listen out for the link click trigger:

Don’t understand please follow this image for more details visit – Mailto Tracking

Now we have to select from which click on which page trigger will fire and which link will fire. would like the trigger to fire each time someone clicks on a mailto link on your website.

For this follow the below image –

OK, will need to create a new tag and connect it to the previously created trigger. once you created a trigger and tag we will fire the trigger on the tag.

Create Tag In Tag Manager

Name your tag appropriately suppose i define “click on mail id”

For this follow the simple steps –

1.Create Tag
2.Choose Google Analytics Tag; choose Universal
3.Configure the Tag for Click
4.Put in your UA tracking ID from Google Analytics
5.Choose the Track type for Event
6. Define the Event
7. Category = Click on Mailto, Action = Click URL, Label = Page Path
8. Fire On choose More, then choose your phone call trigger
9. Create Tag.

See the below Image for more details –

After all, you have to go to the firing trigger and select the trigger to fire.

Now save now whenever anyone clicks on the mail, there will be a trigger fire.

Time To Preview the Tag Firing

1. Choose Preview Mode in Tag Manager

2. Go to your website and Click the link which you want to track like phone number

3. See the the tag firing in the once the link is click

4. Check firing status if it showing successful than your tag have been implement properly also you can check live tracking in google analytics.

Check GA Real Time Events to see this event come send data to Google Analytics.

Once you see the live event traffic in google analytics click on “Publish” in tag manager.

Now Time to setup Goals in Google analytics to track the mailto link click event. see the below image and fill the details according to the image.

Now click on “Save”  – Congratulation you have successfully Create phone call click/touches tracking in google analytics.

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