5 Tips To Make A SEO friendly URL structure

URL is Life of any website so why not we optimize URL For better Healthy life website,
yes In my Previews a post we discourse about 10 smart way to create backlink and now in this article, we learn about
How To Create Perfect URL Structure for better Website optimization
So First we know

What is the URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and is used to specify addresses on the World Wide Web.
A URL is the fundamental network identification for any resource connected to the web (e.g., hypertext pages, images, and sound files (Source)
For better on page SEO we necessary to make SEO Friendly URL Structure

What Is SEO Friendly URL structure

That Follow Search engine Guideline like Word limit and not added accessory word etc
A good structure can help the indexation process of your website, but, unfortunately, there are plenty of websites that use incorrect, suboptimal URLs. (Source)

What is URL Optimization in SEO?

This Question is asked by Many People URL Structure in SEO – With The Good and SEO Friendly URL structure

Like descriptive URLs are optimal. It is very important the URL for your webpage contains your

keyword phrase and is no longer than 100 characters.
its help To rank on Google #1 Page 100%
So You know very well How URL Structure effected on SEO and Your site so you need to know
How We can Optimize perfect URL Structure so let us know

5 Tips To make SEO friendly URL structure

The backlinko’s 200 Factor of Ranking number # 46 in the URL’s length is considered to be # 46 Factor and if the keyword in the keyword is first, then it is considered as # 51 Factor and the string of the URL in the # 52 Factor is considered is (Source)

So, first of all, we start with a beginner, here in what is going to tell you the idea of an infographic in search engine land.

Example of Good SEO FR. URL


1. Select Top Level Domain 

Firstly, you need to buy the top level domain name to strengthen your URL structure.

You can not take domain.com only .biz .ml .xyz etc. This type of domain can not rank quickly

If you see some websites, a website with .com domain ranks quickly compared to another domain.


Second thing is HTTPS if your website accept payment of any type so you should buy an HTTPS SSL certificate

Nowadays, no website is hacked. In this case, we should also change the security of your site. If you are using HTTP then you should take the https

Because https is more secure than HTTP

http vs https

3. URL Length

URL length is a big factor in a Google ranking

Short URLs are better than long URLs and they rank quickly, in a report recently found on the backlinko site, Google quickly ranks short URL

Source- Google

I think you understand how URL length is effected an SEO so we read next point

4. add keyword first

This is the Main Factor but it is not working on all condition its work there competition is high

Google Rank A page who have to add their keyword first of URL Like

seo url

Google has ranked it first on the Web page which has been seen by the keyword seen in this image and later it is ranked keyword the on the second number.

5. Readability

Writing the URL in such a way that the user is easy to fall and the user has come to the society as well.

readability url kaise likhe
Source- Google

You saw the three example of URL that URL saw red color it’s not good URL that Saw Blue its Good For SEO and this type of URL liked by google

Bonus Tips

Use Lower Case word – don’t use upper case in URL Sometimes a 404 error returns that does not fit your blog.

use always small letter for better and natural look for a Good URL Structure

Don’t use stopword – sometimes we add some stopword that ignored by google like this –

  • a
  • an
  • or
  • but

Use Safe word use- According To Perishable Press Blog

Don’t Use unsafe word in Your URL Like this –

unsafe corector in url
Source- Google

Use Always Safe Word in Your URL For Safe -Blogging and Work (SOURCE)


this all Tips shared a searchengineland infographic if you want to know in details so you can visit there

Follow the all 5 Tips to make a Better SEO Friendly URL Structure And Good SEO Score

So it was my strategy if you know any URL optimization trick then tell us

Info Source- Searchengineland – Moz – Neil Patel WP beginner

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