Daya Shankar is an indian youtuber, from Lucknow uttar pradesh India. Daya lives in Lucknow and he is a lifestyle vlogger. His real name is Daya Shankar Maurya. Also, Daya Shankar is my best friend as well.

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Daya is totally down to earth, He is an honest person as well. Daya Shankar running a vlogging channel, Where he is uploading daily lifestyle videos.

Daya Shankar Maurya loves to travel around the world, last year he had gone to Dubai. You can watch Dubai vlogs at become YouTuber channel.

Daya is totally different content creator as compare to others, Daya Shankar creates real content including his village videos and other personal things and without any editing effect.

Daya has worked hard before and today he has got good recognition for his hard work. That’s why we writing on hownetinfo about Daya Shankar Maurya.

As you know, Hownetinfo helps content creators to grow more & more. We help each Indian vloggers and content creator to grow more.

He thinks like an entrepreneur, Daya Shankar thinks big and takes time to do something good. One thing which is something I like in Daya Shankar Maurya videos is simplicity, Daya Shankar believes in a simple lifestyle that’s why people love daya Shankar vlogs.

In 2017 We both had gone to Bharatpur for attending a friend marriage, After attending the marriage we decide to travel Agra and shoot something.

In those days Daya Shankar’s blog was quite popular and people liked her very much, due to this daya Shankar’s channel got a new identity and the subscribers started growing.

Now daya Shankar Maurya deserves the respect for his hard work ………!

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