Latest On-Page SEO Techniques – Loved by Google

Increase your Traffic by 99% – by using On-page SEO techniques.

When We Talk About SEO than We Focus on ON-Page SEO if We ignore these techniques than our effort worthless.

Ranking for our Website we need to do SEO – there are two types of SEO On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Starting in SEO We just Start with On page SEO after We focus second technique So now let’s know About On-Page in this post.

This post will help you to Learn Complete SEO and with this guide, you can start SEO Practice.

We all know that We can increase traffic for any website with good SEO but How?

The answer to this is that today we will learn all the details about on page SEO with the help of this guide.

In our Preview post, we know that How to increase more traffic through SEO.

What is On-Page SEO?

In On-page SEO, we make changes to their page post and heading and site structure to rank our site, based on the search engine algorithm.

Like we Optimize Title tag, Meta tag, heading, Image Optimization, URL Structure optimization and Sitemap submission or Speed Optimization.

Once you have done Your On-page SEO after that you can go for Off Page SEO Link Building in off Page SEO We Doing Guest Posting Blogger outreach and social media etc.

I have Mentioned all the latest On-Page SEO Techniques in This Guide we learn each technique in brief.

Latest On-Page SEO Techniques That Search engine Love Structure

According to kissmetrics – The better your site structure, the better your chance of higher ranking in the search engines.

Every Website has a Unique Structure like some site structure long and user-friendly and some site structure something small and loading slow and fast.

If your site structure like Slow loading and you are not adding Manus and page on home page your website is not User-friendly your website has not good UI than maybe Google doesn’t like these type of website.

and if your website has a good site structure like Proper menu Category and Brathcumb You set a proper page and layout and also you have the good design than Google love your website and Google gives First Priority of these type of website.

  1. Focus on UX and UI

UI = user interface and UX = user experience – Nowadays it’s very important to keep in mind the UI and UX of your Website.

Track Your Website UI and UX and improve it according to user requirement.

check how many time a user spent their time on your website how much time user engaged with your content ask your visitor Do You like Our Website Design and UI.

3.Create SEO Friendly URL

This the whole point of Point On-page SEO You need to better on-page optimization than you should Create an SEO Friendly URL Structure that googles like.

Let’s Know How to Make SEO Friendly URL –

Add your keyword in URLMake short URL

Put Your keyword in the start of URL and keep your URL to short its a ranking signal for Google when google bot scan your URL and its find Keyword in your URL then can rank your post.

Example – –   Like This

4.Start Tittle With Your Keyword

In 70% Case, Google Rank Post Google ranks those post that contains the first keyword in the Title.

Like My Keyword is On page SEO techniques than I will write my title like this –

Example – On-Page SEO Techniques – A Complete Guide

Add Modify word in URL for more organic click like- 2018,best,most,killer,latest,Top 10,etc

  1. Use Heading in Article

The heading is another big ranking factors in On-Page SEO Use one or two heading in Article Use H1, H2 H3 also don’t forget to add Your Focus keyword in your H2 heading

6.Use keyword in first 100 word

When the Google bot scans your posts and gets the query in the first 100 words of the word which is being searched by the user.

So this is a ranking signal for Google and Google knows that this post is about this keyword

Then Google will Rank Your Post…….

7.Meta Description

First Google scans the title, then Meta descriptions will mean that you also have to optimize the meta tag.

Write Your Meta Description in Under 170 Character recently google set the limit of meta description this is the whole point of Meta Description Optimization Also You need to add your keyword in Meta Description with the natural way

  1. Make a Mobile Friendly Website

Your Site should be Mobile friendly and responsive because according to New update – Mobile First indexing.

Mobile-first indexing means Google will predominantly use the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. Historically, the index primarily used the desktop version of a page’s content when evaluating the relevance of a page to a user’s query. Since the majority of users now access Google via a mobile device, the index will primarily use the mobile version of a page’s content going forward. We aren’t creating a separate mobile-first index. We continue to use only one index. (Source)

I hope You understood the importance of Mobile-friendly Website.

  1. Optimize Site Speed

Website Speed is One of the biggest Ranking factors Nowadays after Google new update.

According to Google Webmaster Blog, Google add website speed in there ranking factor since – July 9, 2018

So now if You want to better rank than you should need better Website Speed.

You can Improve Your Website Speed with the help of the Google Page Speed tool and GT-Matrix.

  1. Image Optimization

Everyone Use Image on their article for making a better user experience and UI.

But Some new SEO pros forget to optimize Image with SEO for optimization we decrease the size of the image and Add ALT tag On Image.

Suppose my Image is all about on SEO than I Will add ALT tag “SEO” – that myths behind ALT tag.

  1. Sitemap

Site Map Are Very Strongly recommended for every website because sitemap tells to search engine about to our website and our pages.

According To Google Blog -A sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content. Search engine web crawlers like Google bot read this file to more intelligently crawl your site.

12.Robots.txt File

Its Another Part of On-Page SEO Techniques According to Moz – Robots.txt is a text file webmasters create to instruct robots (typically search engine robots) how to crawl & index pages on their website.

Which we sent to instruct to Search engine In which we order which page to crawl and who does not have to crawl

Bonus Point of Latest On-Page SEO Technique

Long tail keyword –

Find Long tail keyword because long tail keyword boosts your ranking and skyrocket your website.

Long tail keyword essay to rank as compared to the short keyword. if you start the new blog you should do whether focus Long tail keyword or low volume keyword.

Keyword density- When you writing an article or doing an SEO of any website one thing you should be remembered that keep in mind the Keyword density it should be minimum 4 or 6 its Safe.

Don’t do keyword stuffing and spamming otherwise its called black hat SEO that not Good for Your Website.

internal linking-   add the internal link in your popular post with natural anchor tax because internal linking is base of link building and also its improve DA of your website when you write new article add your other page link on your new article.


Are you thinking to start SEO or a New Blog Implement these guide on your Blog and See Magic in Your Ranking?

Follow all techniques for best SEO practices that I mentioned in these guidelines.

re thing that I forget to add “Content is king” Not only is their SEO, you should have good content with your competitor.

Write 10 time better content than your competitor Give the new and fresh idea to your visitor.

Always Thinking something different…..

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