Latest off-Page SEO Techniques – That Search Engine Love

Without off Page SEO Ranking Is Hard and when we come to link building it’s harder to make Without off-Page SEO We can’t Rank on Google we need to do some off-page SEO Techniques and activities for Optimization.

People doing lots of Off page activities but they forget one thing “Backlink is a Heart of SEO” Create More backlink and Rank Higher In Google Ranking.

Link Building is the Whole Point in off-Page SEO Checklist And the link building takes time so everyone cannot do it.

Today’s Tutorials is All About off page SEO and Link Building we teach you How to get more powerful backlink by latest off-Page SEO Techniques.

Latest off-Page SEO Techniques

Check-List for 2018

Blogger OutReachInvite Blogger For LinkResources SuggestionMake Better Online PresenceEarn Backlink by advertising earn Backlink by Infographic and photosBroken Link BuildingGuest PostingLocal Link BuildingUse Social media questions and Answering

  1. Blogger OutReach

blogger Outreach is the best way to earn backlink means in this techniques you need to invite people for backlink and Giveaways and offer.

Search your niche blog and Find the mail address of owner Once you find the mail address you need to send an invitation for backlink let us know a perfect way –

Find the Post-it must be relevant to your blog and post Once you found the post send to email to blog owner for Backlink.

Don’t send mail like ” I Have seen your post and it’s better I have same content” these type of mail people ignore your need to send mail like – ” We have the amazing offer for you” Give the offer like your product Premium account for one year etc.

Means Send mail With any offer like your product premium account and another service like hosting and domain etc.

This Technique is Working and the front blogger is Give a Backlink.

You can use Email marketing tool for sending mail to any blogger Like –

  1. Invite Blogger For the link Back

This technique like blogger Outreach but it has some small differences.

Invite Blogger for reading your content and ask for Link back on your content but now you think why the blogger give you link back?

Because your content is relevant to front blogger content and your content is better than the Web Owner.

Ok, it’s all about Blogger invitation but how you invite blogger for a link back?

First of all, Find the niche blog and also find the owner Email with the help of an online tool.

Once You find the Blogger mail Now Send just simple mail like – I have to Publish content on SEO and it’s better than other content I have added some new techniques that help to your visitor and I hope your visitor like these tutorials.

  1. Resources Suggestion

Resources suggestions are one of my favourite techniques to get more backlink I have tried these techniques and get positive responses from web and blog owner.

Let’s know How to get More backlink with resources suggestions?

First of all Find Blog that added “Resources” Page on Blog and Web Let’s know how to find

Keyword “Resources”

Keyword “Helpful Link”

Keyword “Resource Link”

Ok Now, you find the page that already added resource page on Blog Now Find the mail Address of blog owner you can use any tools like Snoop.

Once you find to send the mail like – I have Found your blog you add my competitor page on your resources page Like this.

Send 10 to 40 mail after sent check the backlink status on all the resource page where you send mail for us.

  1. Make Better Online Presence

Now you might be wondering what is the connection of link building an online presence and also you think what is the benefit of Online presence in link building?

Online Presence is Automatically helped for in Link Building but How? We will understand this with an example.

Suppose You have a Business “Christmas tree delivery in NYC” you have to provide Christmas tree delivery in New York Since 1 year.

Lots of People Know about Your Service and product if someone (A Blogger) writes on Top 10 places to buy a Christmas tree in NYC.

You have the Great Online presence like Video and Infographics Great content Youtube channel and also great review in listing website.

When the blogger writes this post he thinks about what is the best place that delivered Christmas tree in NYC than he remembered your company and shop name and he will mention the name and link of your website on his content that he writing.

That’s A Key Link Building Technique behind the Online presence and reputation.

  1. Earn Backlink by advertising

Earn Backlink by advertising is similar to backlink by Online presence but in this case, you doing Paid Promotion and advertising.

You have Run a Paid advertising on Facebook Instagram and everywhere People saw more content and Name of your brand and Company name.

And the more people see and recognize your brand, the more chance your link building will increase.

Suppose Write on “Best shopping website in India” I have daily sowed the ads of Amazone and Ebey OLX.

I know the shopping site from advertisement so why not we should mention all the website in our content.

  1. Earn Backlink by Infographic and photos

You have created an amazing infographic on Web Design and Web development etc you know you can earn backlink by this infographic these SEO techniques also used by SEO Expert Brien Dian.

How to Create Backlink by Infographic?

Suppose you have content on “Best Places to Visit South Africa” Now you need to found the blog that has already publish content on Best places to visit South Africa Find the emails of the blog owner.

Once You found the mail You need to send Email for offer your infographic Like – Hello there, We have created an amazing infographic on best places in South Africa I hope you like to add our infographic on your content.

if the front blogger adds your infographic also it adds you Source and link – You have to earn Backlink.

  1. Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building is a Niel Patel favourite Latest Link Building techniques in which we found broken link and inform the website admin or ask for the link back.

How to create a backlink from a Broken link?

First of all, Find your niche blog or website and scan for the broken link you can use “Check my Links” Extension for Google Chrome and check any website broken link.

Once You found the Broken link on any website find website owner email address and sent mail with a link back request.

Read the Complete Guide For Broken Link Building

  1. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is a like Booster in Link building And Off-page SEO technique everyone knows that the power of guest posting in SEO especially Link Building.

How to find Blog For Guest Posting =

Keyword “Write for us”

Keyword “Submit Guest Post”

Keyword “Submit article”

Keyword “Contribute”

Once you find Blog for Guest posting Send the mail for asking guest post also you can send a pitch for your content.

Content for You- WordPress SEO Tips and Tutorials

Content for You- How To Create Good Blog Log For Free

  1. Local Link Building

This is an another latest off-Page SEO technique for 2018 in Local Link Building Find the shop and store website better if you find a relevant website in your city.

Once You found the Store and School or any other business website in your area you need to ask for a link back by mail.

Send mail for Link exchange also you can offer partner program and any other gift like free service and product.

In this way, you can create backlinks from the local website out of reach.

Also, you can pay for Backlink – – – – –

  1. Use Social Media

Share your content daily on your all Social media platform like facebook and twitter G+ or Instagram etc.

if you have received daily 100 to 300 referral traffic from social media than its ranking signal for Google.

Google knows that this site is coming to traffic from social media and the user experience is good so why not rank it.

So Keep sharing on Social Media………

  1. Questions and Answering

Active on popular questions and answers on Quora and yahoo it lot of help in SEO Why?

because you have received referral traffic from quora because you give an answer to questions that asked by people.

where people know more about your brand and company and increased trust flow on your product and Company website.

I have received 10k traffic monthly by Quora also I have increased my online presence with the help of quora marketing.

oh No! I had forgotten to add some more Off Page SEO Activities here is –

Start With Commenting

If You have beginner and you have Zero backlinks so you need to start with niche blog commenting because blog commenting boost your link building campaign and website traffic.

Blog Commenting is the best off-page SEO Practices for learning Fast SEO

but don’t do comment sites like Porn and Gambling and also non-relevant Website you need to do only quality commenting.

Now Is Your Turn Follow the all Off Page SEO activities and comment on how it helps you if You have any suggestions Please let me know in comment or contact …..

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