6 Killer Marketing Ideas for small business startups

Marketing is one of the first things that entrepreneurs should consider as soon as a company is launched. You have to devise an effective marketing strategy both online and offline in order to survive and carve out your own niche in the industry in the long run. You have to think about what social media posts are to be deployed and when and also whether those posts should just be text-based or include visual media and so on.

No matter what marketing strategy the entrepreneur follows, there is always scope for more. Business owners have to handle a lot each day starting from managing the finances to reaching out to the clients to keeping the existing client base happy. The sad part is that there is no hard and fast rule to get the word out about the services and products of a company.

That is why there are some strategic marketing tips from the successful entrepreneurs who have survived in their respective industry and have been able to reach out to their target audience successfully over the years yielding great results for their business. Just read on.

6 Killer Marketing Ideas for Small Business Startups

  1. Reach Out Locally Even Though You’re an Online Community-Even if the business model is online, for those start-ups catering to the local community, they need to reach out to them in order to enhance their visibility at the grass-root level. If you are thinking that being an online company, you do not need to promote offline you are wrong. You can release hundreds of air balloons with your business name and get a corner wall art graffiti or a hoarding. Being local will drive the most appropriate traffic back to your business which will benefit you immensely.


  1. The Basics of SEO Can Boost Your Business– With more than 65 percent customers reporting to perform an online research prior to purchasing something, this goes without saying that a small business needs to make a strong online presence. You should keep in mind that an online company that is making the best of what the internet has to offer today has a possibility of 40 percent faster rate of growth. A white hat SEO campaign can help you grab more market share. Your business credibility will be enhanced and will deliver long-lasting and desirable results. The best part is that they are cost-effective especially when compared with traditional marketing.
  2. Bring the Social Media to the Rescue– For small businesses, this is one of the best marketing ideas. Nothing has the potential to attract more traffic than social media. You can involve Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, Google+ and Instagram and anything else that you are involved in or which is in your niche. Though you can go with all, it is recommended that choose the 3 or 4 where you can connect with your community. You can also spend a bit on Google AdWords and Facebook Advertisements. These will help in getting the right audience.


  1. Start a Company Blog– Small business blogs get over 100 percent lead growth as compared to those who don’t publish anything. Publishing quality blogs regularly on your website will help to build long-term relationships and establish trust among your target audience. By posting the articles you can post the most trending questions in your industry and thus, drive traffic to the blog. Apart from providing valuable results to the potential clients, company blogs receive more than 400 percent indexed pages which means it will contribute to the SEOefforts massively.


  1. Make Educational Videos– Over one-third of the ideas of the small business-list happens to be educational videos. This is where the newly formed alliance with the smart and young minds come in handy. If your business is unique and your product offers unmatched value, then people should know about it and the best way to do that is to educate people about it.


  1. Give Out Freebies– This is quite simple. You have to get into mouths of the people. This can bring a product alive in a much better way than any form of advertisement can. This is especially true in the earlier stages of the brand when there is no recognition. Tasting is really believing, and you can make the most of it for uplifting your brand.

The above are some of the killer ideas for small business start-ups that are suggested by the digital marketing experts who have assisted many start-ups in the past to stand out and make a mark in their industry through affordable and intelligent marketing strategy.


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