Law Firm Internet Marketing: What’s Worth Spending Money On

When you hear the term “internet marketing,” think about your law firm’s website first and foremost.

You do law firm internet marketing to attract potential clients and co-counsels to your site. When website visitors arrive, they must find answers to their immediate questions, see evidence of what you know and how you can help them, and have no problem understanding how to contact to request a consultation.

Unlike traditional advertising, which is directed at everyone in the hopes of appealing to someone, law firm internet marketing is directed at the people you can best serve. That is, internet marketing only works if it is targeted to the people who are most likely to respond positively. By promising what potential clients and co-counsels need and, then, proving with your website content that you can keep your promise, you realize the benefits of internet marketing.

Law Firm Internet Marketing: What’s Worth Spending Money On

When it comes to deciding how to spend your internet marketing dollars, focus on the following four investments.

Data Analytics

Track everything you can. Count clicks, record where visitors arrive from, time how long they spend on your site and how long they spend on each page, follow their path through your site, and ask callers or emailers if they visited your site.

Use all the information you gather to create profiles of website visitors, discover which keywords drive the most traffic from search engines, and identify what practice areas you should emphasize to grow your law practice overall.

Now, doing data analytics requires time and expertise. Spend the money needed to ensure you have a team of skilled data analysts who cannot merely crunch the numbers, but also translate their findings into recommendations for improving your internet marketing initiatives.

Pay-per-Click Ads

PPC ads dominate online advertising because they offer the surest way to realize a return on investment. As the name indicates, your law firm will only pay when a website visitor clicks on your PPC and gets redirected to your site.

The ads are loaded automatically to match search results, a social media user’s profile information, or the contents of the webpage a person is currently viewing. Selecting high-value keywords for PPC ads ensures the best matches, so relying on data analytics when selecting PPC ad keywords is a must.

Note here that some PPC keywords can be expensive. For instance, you will need to bid quite a bit to reserve “lawyer.” More-specific keywords like “Columbus car crash attorney” or “Cleveland bankruptcy law” should be more-affordable and, at the same time, better-targeted to those who can benefit from hiring your law firm.

Social Media

Post links to new and updated content on your law firm’s website to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Set up PPC ad accounts for those sites, as well. And maintain a robust, professional presence on the social media platforms you choose to include in your internet marketing strategy.

It can help to designate a senior attorney as the lead for social media and to reserve staff time/pay for social media responsibilities. This ensures consistent messaging, avoids scandal, and ensures the regular appearance of posts. The company you partner with to provide internet marketing services should also be able to assist with social media management.

Website Redesign

You should add new content to your website every week or two. This can take the form of blog posts, explainer articles, videos, or case results. Make sure, as well, to keep the pages dedicated to attorney bios and practice area description updated.

You will reach a point where it makes sense to completely redesign your site’s look, content mix, and navigation rather than simply growing and refurbishing it. The Legal EFX team provides some advice here on how to recognize when you have reached this point.

The end result of a website redesign — which will require a considerable amount of planning and cooperation with your internet marketing services firm — should be a site that

  • Loads and functions equally well on smartphones and laptops,
  • Highlights the content that data analytics show to be the main drivers of website visits and contacts, and
  • Looks good.

The main message is that you should never think about spending money on internet marketing in the same way that you think about spending money on billboards, radio spots, or TV ads. View your internet marketing budget as more of a capital expense, with the money supporting ongoing and long-range projects aimed at building a presence even more than making an impression.

Let the Legal EFX internet marketing team know how we can be of service. Schedule a free consultation today.

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