How to use Quora for SEO and keyword research

Quora is the most popular Question and answer website that help to find answer any question in the word

You know how you can use Quora is an SEO and Keyword research yes you can do this by using quora

we do on page SEO in a single page or under a website but when we come on Off page SEO We try to create backlink and another effort like social bookmarking and commenting etc

But We can do off page SEO with the help of quora yes you can create backlink with quora and earn referral traffic by quora

But How?

In this post, I teach you how we use Quora as an SEO tool and backlink generator want to know this read full post ….

Quora is the largest question and answer website on the internet. It has been around since 2009(Source)

Here are some ways that I use Quora for SEO and Keyword research –

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How to use Quora for SEO and keyword research

Keyword Research

The First benefit of quora is an keyword research you find the best idea for your business and blog post

we know what people want to the current time and what type of information people find on google

we got a lot of ideas or written a blog post and business post

  1. First Search About your intrusted topic in quora -Asthe an example, I’m interested in topics like investment, blogging, internet marketing, and the like. You’ll notice how relevant my top stories are: (Source)

2. after Search You have seen that one or more question that asked by people select any one Question and explore its All athe nswer

3. Now You saw that in sidebar some related question open this question one by one and explore each question and select Keyword and idea from there

This Related question helps to find better long tail keyword …..


the second benefit of quora in SEO is a Backlink so what are the step to create a backlink with quora 

How To earn Backlink and referral traffic by quora – 

  1.  Search any topic to relevent of your blog post
  2. Give The answer to The Question
  3. Your Answer should be informative and useful
  4. in the last of your answer add your blog post link

so quora answering is the best way to generate more traffic to your site or blog

Seen in this answer he add his link to the last line of answer so I hope you understood how we earn backlink by quora and more referral traffic

I hope You enjoyed this article

What Technique did you use to find a long tail keyword?

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