How To Find A Job through Linkedin in just 60 Second

Are you student or job seeker and trying to find the job through linkedin that fit to your profile but after lot’s of efforts you are unable to find job for you.

the post will bring a new energy in your body because now you can find your dream job through linkedin in just 60 second.

I not doing jokes i am serieuse to helps you in find a job for you because i sow a lot’s of people complete his education and trying to find a job but in some where he meets some direct selling people and they force to join network marketing after this the man who finding a job he join the network marketing also he forget his life aim and dream job.

How To Find A Job through Linkedin in just 60 Second

How to find the job in linkedin
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Ok, Now linkedin let you to find job on linkedin but how. i will let you know complete guide of how you will find the job through linkedin in just 60 second.

So now you know how you can easily find jobs with Linkedin, first of all, go to the Linkedin website first of all, you have to create your account first, then you have to design your account well, what are your skills You used to say earlier and you have studied which all these things you have to put in your profile, for this, the photo of your profile is doing the following which You have to teach you how to set your profile to the understanding

Good Linkedin Profile

This is my profile in which I first wrote about myself that what I do in the search engine optimization just like I have added to my profiles. Now look at the next photo in which I have written about my experience.

Linkedin Good Profile

In my photo above, I have written about my experience that I have said in the last few years what has worked and what has done if you are new, then leave it blank but the focus of one thing should be the profile photo attract Your cover photo and also wrote a little bit about you, but whatever written to the front.

Now your profile has become complete, now you have to move on to the next step and that is to find a job for you. First of all, you should know the name of any company in your city that is affiliated with your work. like i would like to search company in indore for SEO.

ok, you have found company name but now how you can search the job for you. every company have a HR, you have to contact him on Linkedin and tell about yourself that you need a job and you want in this field.

This was the first method but in other ways you will not have to do anything, the company will reach you by itself, but for that you have to increase the presence of your profile, like every day you have to post something on linkedin and it will not mean that If you post anything, you have to post the same, in which you have a good knowledge as if you are a digital marketer, then post it on about digital marketing. it would like to my Online Presence will be good and there will be more chance of my jobs.

LinkedIn is a very good source to look for a job especially for people who are in the IT sector or want to go

This information will get a lot of help from you and this post is for those people who are still looking for jobs after completing their work. Someone may find this post very well or someone already knows about it.

If you like the information you like, then share it with your friends who are looking for jobs and this is giving some links below to help you improve your Linkedin profile.

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