10 Best Way To Create High Quality Backlink in 2018 Earn Backlink

A backlink is A Heart of SEO from any website so everyone wants to Create a High-Quality Backlink.

without Quality backlink not rank a site in google on the first page

So if you want get thousand of visitor in your site by organic search so you need to create high-quality backlink for us

People work on on-page SEO and forget that off page SEO so in this condition your article is not rank in google why?

because google rank that page who have a lot of backlink from the relevant and high-quality site

Backlinks are the nitrous of every successful SEO campaign. – Nothen Gotch

in this Guide, I teach you 10 ways to create high-quality backlink in 2018 + How To Earn Backlink by relevant site

First, we know

what is the backlink

A “backlink” is created when an external website links to yours. This why some people refer to them as “external backlinks”. – Source- Gochseo

10 Best Way To Create High-Quality Backlink in 2018

The way I am telling you I have practically With these ways you can create high-quality backlinks for your site

1. Broken Link Building

it’s my favorite technique to create a backlink with this technique you can create relevant backlink they are helping to improve your search engine ranking on google

What is Broken Link Building Method?

In this technique, you have to find the link to another site, then after giving information of these links to the admin of that site

And instead of that broken link, you have to request from the administrator to add a link to your site

When that admin replaces your link with that broken link, you will get a backlink – that is broken link building 

How To use Broken Link Building to create backlink –

First Find Your Niche sites

Here are some search strings you can use:
keyword + “resources”              keyword + “blogroll”
keyword + intitle:resources       site:.gov keyword + “links”

on time you find a site of your niche after that find the broken link of this site with help of Check My Links Chrome extension.

Find the broken link and add in table after you collect broken link of any site now contact us site, admin

Find the contact details of site admin remember that send email on private email don’t send email like xolo@domain.com send mail private email address how to send mail and what type of mail you send to see it

Contact Form

Subject: Quick feedback – dead resource on your site

Hi [name],

I was recently researching (topic) for an article I was writing and came across this page on your site: (URL).

I found it very useful, but there are a few dead links on the page:

(link #1)
(link #2)

I came across a few other great resources during my research, which you could put in their place:

(link #1)
(link #2)

I think they would help anyone in the future looking for more information about (topic).

If you do update the page, I’d appreciate it if you would consider including a link to my article. It’s about (description). I think your visitors would also appreciate it. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

(Your URL)

Thank you for your time,

(Your name)

now we are finally step all work is done now send email to site admin to tell him his site broken the link and replace them with your site

after sending email trace the backlink state This way you have to match them and after a few days of mailing, on the page where you had broken link search, check that you got a backlink or if you have not found it yet then you can get it

2.Guest Post

Create backlink
Source- outreached.org

Second technique to create a high-quality backlink is Gust post also we called guestographic technique

How to do proper Gust post – First off all find the site that has your niche you can also find by keyword

like – Guest post “Keyword”

once you find the niche related to your site contact us an admin of the site and request to post a guest post on this site

After guest post you earn backlink from this site and benefit of guest post is you can easily earn high-quality backlink from High PA and High DA site

3. infographics

the infographic is one of the most useful and effective ways to create the high-quality backlink

Infographics are one of the most popular methods for bringing traffic to your website and gaining valuable backlinks

include a unique and interesting story for your audience in your infographic follow currently trending topics and see what people are looking for, then create your infographic using statistical data.

You can hire anyone to make an infographic or you can also use infographic creation tools for free. After that make an infographic post on your sites and tell this any site admin to about this infographic and request to add this infographic to other sites.

with this technique, you can earn high-quality backlink by one infographic minimum 10 backlink

submit your infographic to infographic submission site and distribute it for creating a backlink

Learn Complete Infographic_How To earn backlink

4. Build internal links

now we learn the key factor of a successful Blog that we know as internal links because the internal link is passed a link juice that helps to make strong SEO any site

You thought how we earn backlink by internal link so if you give a backlink to any site Then you will backlink them in return

5. Local Link Building

Find the nearest shop and restaurant of your niche related contact them and tell about your site and work

after that request to link exchange in this deal you create backlink by other site and also they earn backlink from your site

this technique is suggested by Neil Patel one day I read Neil blog and read this technique to how we can earn backlink from local link building

6. Skyscraper techniques

skyscraper techniques
image- Google

If you write better posts than your competitor, other site owners will definitely add your posts to your blog.

Want to create backlink from the skyscraper technique then first thing do you need to do is written 10 time better content than your competitors so whenever someone read your post he adds your site to his blog post

Suppose my post is related to your post, and reading it makes my website reader very useful 

Then I will suggest your post on my website’s reader- so you get the backlink from another site

Read Complete Skyscraper Techniques By  Brian Dean

7. Blogg Commenting

Blogg commenting is a very easy way to create backlink you can earn backlink by comment on relevant blog

make sure where you comment its related to your blog comment on do follow commenting blog

do not spam due to commenting because its harmful to your ranking only comment where there allow do follow a comment by admin

Here is some Do follow commenting site list By _Hownetinfo 

8. Moving Man Method – by Brian Dean

This method is very effective and working method with this method you can Create .gov .org backlink

Sometimes any company name changed also change his website name So wherever the website has been backlink, 404 errors will come, we have to find those backlinks.

For this, we will use the Ahref, now we have to find out that the site has got backlink from said

The site that has received backlink now will now have 404 problems, so now we have to tell the site admin about it and have to speak to add their link

That is Moving man method – Learn Complete Guide about this Technique 

9. Join Forum And Disques on Quora and yahoo answer

join High-Quality forum that has your site niche add your site link to your forum profile and another disques website like quora linkedin yahoo answer

give the answer to people and help them written an answer and give your site link at the end of the answer

the most effective questions and answer site has quora yes quora is an amazing site for digital marketing and making of High-Quality backlink

find the question related to your site and give an answer so people know your site and your work and you get a thousand of visits per month by quara

Join yahoo and ask questions about to your site give a review of your site for making a backlink

10. Exchange links

Find the related site and contact his admin and say to exchange backlink this is a very simple idea to create backlink without any guest post article submission and without broken link building

remember that Create backlink only releted site if you have create backlink by unreleted site its may be harm full for your site

so we had learned How to Create backlink With this 10 Great Way ……..

Wait ……Now I will Teach some Bonus Tips To Earn Backlink

Bonus Method 

  1. Submit Your Blog to Top Blogging directories Article submission site (only High PR sites)
  2. Submit your blog posts to all social bookmarking sites you know (List of High PA bookmark sites)
  3. Submit your blog to your top social networking sites
  4. Submit your post on High PA Article submission site (List of Article Submission By hownetinfo)
  5. Ask other bloggers to interview you.
  6. Join Forum (Forum  List)
  7. Web 2.0 Submission
  8. classifieds submission – optional for promotion


To actually earn backlinks, you must focus on giving tremendous value through content.- By Nothen Gotch

The First thing is successful blog is always “content is king”

Try To write a better helpful content for your visitor

write for your visitor not for Search engine and money

In this Guide we learn About how to create a high-quality backlink If you write a better content you earn backlink without any effort

Thanx For Visit At Hownetinfo – I hope You visit again –

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