Best Free Backlink checker tool – 2018

Are you searching for a free backlink checker tool? “YES” then here is the guide –

Backlinks are a very important factor and it’s more important to check each backlink’s quality and the relevancy.

Because when you are going to do off-page SEO you create lots of the backlinks. Some backlinks are good while some are bad but how we find which are the good backlinks for our website?

Lots of people offer backlinks for free and those are usually coming from irrelevant websites or adult websites. They might be harmful to a good website ranking.

For finding Quality backlinks you need a good Backlinks checker tool but if you search google with the phrase “Backlink checker tool” then you get premium tools like majestic, SEMrush and ahref all the tools are paid!

All those SEO tools are labeled with a high price and the price is not affordable for small webmasters and bloggers so those plans work only for big SEO companies and webmaster.

No problem you are not able to pay don’t worry there is an amazing free backlink checker tool that we called zigstat Free Backlink checker tool.

Free Backlink Checker Tool (zigstat)  – 2018

Free Backlink Checker Tool (zigstat) – 2018 With this tool, you can find how many quality backlinks you have earned and how many bad backlinks you got and where they are coming from.

Also, the tool provides different matrics like Anchor text, Do-follow, No follow attributes etc…

When I start using this tool for my clients and saw it shows real backlinks data I can’t say it provides 100% right data but it gives you a better estimate as compared to another free backlink checker tools.

Zigstat backlink checker tool is completely free of cost anyone can use it and find backlinks data also with the help of this tool people can do keyword research and competitor analysis.

How To Use this Zigstat Backlink checker tool

We give you a complete guide of this tool how to use and what are the things the tool shows when you check backlinks.

Let’s know step by step – Only Step Process –

First Step –

Visit the Tool Here is Link – Zigstat

Now you can see a backlinks checker tool and one empty box enter your domain name on the above box according to this image –

Free Backlink Checker Tool 1

Enter your domain name and click on the Go Button and See the magic.

Second Step –

Now you have seen the Backlink data of your own website what type of backlinks your website earned and from where.

The tool shows 5 deferent matrix of  Backlink we know each step by step

backlink checker tool

You can know which sites give a link back to your website as you can see their URLs.

In the first metric, You can know which sites give a link back to your website as you can see their URLs.

The second metric shows the linked URL of your website like I am getting the backlink to my homepage or my contact page etc…

Third thing tells the Anchor text that used to create the link as in this image the anchor text is “Hownetinfo”.

And the 4th thing is most important because it will show you, the backlink is whether Do-follow or no-follow.

The fifth sign tells you how many external links it has. and the final matric shows you the backlink’s category as in the image my backlinks came from Computer, Business categories.

In my opinion, the tool is best as compared to other free backlink checker tools one thing I like in this tool it’s simple and easy to use. 

people that don’t know about SEO they also can check backlinks of their own website with the help of this amazing free backlink checker tool.

if you have any suggestion’s and dought on this Free backlink checker tool then please feel free to contact their support.

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