What is Auto blog & Autoblogging?

This question has asked me a lot of people. So today I’m going to tell you all the Autoblog full guide in English. But this is a bit advance blogging tactics. Therefore it is very important to understand everything well before setting up Auto Blog.

What is Autoblog & Autoblogging?

An Autoblog is a blog that collects content from any RSS Feed and automatically publishes it on your blog.
For example, We assume that we make an auto blog of Google News, then Google News will use RSS Feed, and then if a new post like on Google News is published then those posts should be automatically published on your Autoblog. Will go

How to create Auto Blog?

Everyone wants to write Daily Content on his blog but Regularly Content will be uploaded. We can do this through Auto Blogging and have content Upload automatically through it.

Note: I do not think we can auto blogging on the Google Blogspot Platform. To start this, we need to have WordPress Hosting.

As I have said, on Auto Blog, we publish Content by RSS Feed. In such a scenario if we are seen by a Webmasters, we can get Content Copyright here. But some of the Auto Blog’s Software and WordPress Plugins that can remove all Copyright Issues.

To create Auto Blog, we need to have a Custom Domain Name and a Hosting. With this, if we want, you can also use free hosting services to learn Auto Blogging.

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After the WordPress Website Setup, we need a plugin. Whose name is WP RSS Aggregator, it’s an Auto Blogging Plugin that gives us Paid version. Now we have to install and install this plugin on our WordPress Dashboard. You can set up this by using Auto Blogging Video Tutorial.

Once our plugin has been set up we can start Auto Blogging Process and publish the content from the RSS of the kind of website that you want to publish.

Note: Blogging Career is not the right way to start when it gets better knowledge about it, then we can use it to make money.

Advantages and disadvantages of Auto Blogging?

If we listen to Auto Blog, then we have a lot of benefits in it. As we do not have to upload content, more and more Posts will be published on our website and we can earn as much money as possible.

But there is a lot of harm in us,

If we use the permissions without anyone’s content, then they can make ours Against Copyright Claim. With this, there is a lot of chances of having Google Adsense Account Suspend.

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Guys, hope everyone has got the idea of Autoblog? And create your own Auto Blog Kaise. If you have any questions, please comment.

special note:

If you do blogging for a long and successful future, then you do not trust an auto blog. The auto blog is a short time blogging method. If you need any help you can ask by commenting below.

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My blog’s income did not make much difference as I remained inactive on a monthly blog. So we can say that a blogger can earn good money from Autoblog.

If you choose to blog as your full-time career options, then this will greatly benefit you. My main motive for sharing this article was to tell you that a blogger could generate revenue from Autoblog too.

Do you have a blog that generates revenue on Autoblog? You must share your experience in the comment box. If you enjoyed this case-study, do not forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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