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5 SEO Tricks Even Beginners Can Use increase Traffic by 50%


SEO Tricks – For many beginners, SEO or Search Engine Optimization looks like a complicated foreign landscape without any low hanging fruit, but that’s absolutely not true guys. In fact, there are so many beginners or anyone can do without getting into deep SEO complications. You might not have the required time and resources to a long-term SEO commitment, there are some simple tweaks that can take you the long way.

No need to look any further as in this article I am going to share with you simple SEO Tricks and strategies to get you through. And guess what, you don’t even need years of professional training to do these hacks. Intrigued? Let’s get started to know the best SEO Tips and Tricks!

1. Perform keyword research:

this SEO Tips Importent for New Blogger

Friends, if you are in SEO, keyword research is something you can even think about ignoring. Keyword research is the core of an SEO strategy that lets you understand the SEO of your sites as well as your competitor’s. But good for you, you don’t have to be an expert to settle the right keywords. Tools like SEMRush can help you with finding the perfect keywords for your website. Although the free trial comes with a limit, the tool never disappoints me when it comes to keyword research. So guys, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and put your first foot in the world of SEO by researching right target keywords.

#SEO Hacks in 2018 That Boost your traffic 

2.Include keywords in the top pages of your website:

This is the part of on-page optimization and plays a huge role in improving your search engine rankings. So if you want to make your website or blog search engine friendly, below are some on-page SEO elements you dare not miss:

  • Keyword rich unique meta title and meta description for every page
  • Keyword optimized URLs
  • H1, H2.. tags
  • Internal Linking
  • image Optimization

This 10 Best SEO Tools help To Improve Your Ranking

While doing on-page SEO for your site, make sure to choose keywords that best describe your top landing pages. Tools like BrightEdge offer you the best recommendation for using keywords on these page elements. This tool will also alert you if any of your pages are missing upon important keyword, sounds like a great tool, right?

3.Adopt social media automation

Automation is the boon for everyone, especially marketers. When it comes to social media, being consistent is the key. But while you are juggling multiple things, do you really think you have the time to sit and publish your post every day? Well, most of us don’t! And that’s where scheduling tools come into the picture.

Facebook itself allows you to schedule the posts in advance. Just go to the Publishing Tools tab. Here, you will see your Scheduled posts under “posts” in the sidebar. When you click on “Create” button, you will be able to post your content with below options:

  • Schedule: Select a particular date as well as time for post publishing
  • Publish: Post immediately
  • Backdate: Post in backdating
  • Save draft: Create and save the post but don’t publish until you click on Publish

Using these options can make your life a hundred times easier guys, so get started on it now!

4.Analyze performance with Google Analytics

No marketer in the world can afford to ignore the importance of Analytics tools. One such free yet highly effective tool in Google Analytics which is like a report card of all of your SEO efforts. The tool provides you a highly detailed data helping you understand a lot of things include:

  • Channel from where your website is getting traffic (Organic, Direct, Paid or Social Media)
  • Other elements like search terms they used to land on your website, bounce rate, sessions, and much more.
  • Details about your visitors like age, gender, location, etc

The features of Google Analytics cannot be written in a single post but summing up, Google Analytics tells whether your efforts are going in the right direction or you need to modify your strategies.

5.Crafty-catching shareable images:

They say an image is worth an h thousand words and I couldn’t agree more. Today’s era is the era of social media and social media is ruled by images. Creating images that are not only eye catching but shareworthy too can immediately increase traffic on your website. One perfect image can increase your social media following in a minute. And guess what, you don’t even have to be a expert graphic designer to create these images. Social media graphic designing tools like Canva take care of all of your designing needs and reward you with the perfect images for your blog and social media.

Additionally, don’t forget to add Alt tags to your images. Using keywords as Alt tags can really help your search engine rankings.

So, guys, these were my simple go-to SEO tricks that can be followed by everyone. Do you know about anymore such tricks? Would love to know about them in the comments below.

About Guest Blogger –

Prince Kapoor

Author bio: Prince Kapoor is Independent Marketing Analyst and Blogger. While not working, you can find him in the gym or be giving random health advises to his colleagues which no one agrees on :D. If you too want some of his advisers (on health or on marketing), reach him out at @imprincekapur

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Free Guest posting sites List that boost your Ranking in 2018

Free Guest Posting Sites list

Wants to More Organic visitor and traffic by submitting a Guest Post on Free Guest Posting sites.

Now Days Making quality backlink is hard but Guest posting is the only way that we Make Quality backlink by submitting an article to another blog.

We read in our previews post Review submission site and now we discuss Free Guest Posting site that Accepts Guest post.

Every SEO Expert and Blogger know the power of Guest posting we got new customer and visitor by doing the guest post.

People want to post the right blog but they can’t find But in this post, I will give a lot of guest posting site list that boosts your Backlink Power.

But First We Should know that the Power of Guest Blogging See Neil Patel Video –

Free Guest posting sites List in 2018

Free Guest Posting Sites list

Most of the blogs listed here are high-quality blogs and they accept only quality posting. So, if you are using it for just link-building and self-promotion, I suggest you read that blog guest posting guidelines

Blogging | Content Marketing | SEO | Social Media Blogs 

  1. Huffington Post             | Submit Post 
  2.        | Submit Post
  3. HubSpot                      | Submit Post
  4. Lifehacker                   | Submit Post
  5. Content Marketing       | Submit Post
  6. Career matis               | Submit Post
  7. The Guardian              | Submit Post
  8. Moz                            | Submit Post 
  9. Lifehacker                   | Submit Post
  10. BuzzFeed                    | Submit Post
  11. WikiHow                     | Submit Post 
  12. Outbrain                     | Submit Post 
  13. EHow                         | Submit Post
  14.        | Submit Post 
  15. Smashing Magazine    | Submit Post 
  16. Makezine                   | SUbmit Post
  17. A List Apart                | Submit Post 
  18. How Stuff Works         | Submit Post 
  19. Fast Company            | Submit Post 
  20. Entrepreneur              | Submit Post 
  21. Inc42                         | Submit Post 
  22. YourStory                   | Submit Post
  23. Daily Blog Tips            | Submit Post 
  24.                | Submit Post 
  25. Search Engine Land     | Submit Post 
  26. Social Media Examiner | Submit Post 
  27. Kissmetrics                 | Submit Post 
  28. Marketing Land           | Submit Post 
  29. The Huffington Post     | Submit Post 
  30. The Sits girls              | Submit Post 
  31. HellBound Bloggers     | Submit Post 
  32. Inspiration2Feed         | Submit Post 
  33. Marketing Profs           | Submit Post 
  34. Blogher                      | Submit Post 
  35. Lifehack                     | Submit Post 
  36. Self Growth                | Submit Post 
  37. Pick The Brain            | Submit Post 
  38. Wonder How To         | Submit Post 
  39. Dumb Little Man        | Submit Post 
  40. Tech Wyse                | Submit Post 
  41. Specky Geek             | Submit Post 
  42. Social Media Today    | Submit Post 
  43. CoSchedule               | Submit Post 
  44. Pole Position Marketing    | Submit Post 
  45. Convince & Convert         | Submit Post 
  46. The site girls                   | Submit Post 
  47. B2Bmarketing                 | Submit Post 
  48. Crazy Egg                       | Submit Post 
  49. SEO Chat                        | Submit POst 
  50. Solvid Blog                      | Submit Post 
  51. Search Engine People       | Submit Post

Technology | Gadget Review | IT – Blogs

  1. Tech Gadgets         | submit Post 
  2. Mashable               | Submit Post 
  3. Tech Crunch           | Submit Post 
  4. Read write             | Submit Post 
  5. ShoutMeTech         | Submit post 
  6. Engadget               | Submit Post 
  7. ZDNet                   | Submit the post 
  8. The Verge              | Submit Post 
  9. i Am Wire               | SUbmit Post 
  10. The Next Web         | Submit Post 
  11. Venture Beat          | Submit Post
  12. Read Contribute      | Submit Post 
  13. TechWyse               | Submit Post 
  14. Manning                  | Submit Post 
  15. Digital Inspiration    | Submit Post 
  16. Viral Blog                 | Submit Post 
  17. Making Different        | Submit Post 
  18. Internet of Things News    | Submit Post 
  19. Ms tech                   | Submit Post 
  20. High Def Geek          | Submit Post 
  21. Techlila                    | Submit Post
  22. Gigaom                    | Submit Post 
  23. Tech Republic           | Submit Post 
  24. New Atlas                 | Submit Post 
  25. GSM Arena               | Submit Post 
  26. Opensource              | Submit Post 
  27. Geek Estate Blog       | Submit Post 
  28. Technically Easy        | Submit Post 
  29.                 | Submit Post 
  30.                     | Submit Post 

Business | finance | News | Money

  1. Forbes                     | Submit Post 
  2. The Guardian           | Submit Post 
  3. Survey Monkey Blog  | Submit Post 
  4.                  | Submit Post 
  5. Business Insider        | Submit Post 
  6. Fast Company           | Submit POSt
  7. Entrepreneur            | Submit Post
  8. Ecopreneurist           | Submit Post 
  9. Women on Business  | Submit post 
  10. Inc 42                      | Submit Post 
  11. Inc Magazine            | Submit Post 
  12. Investopedia             | Submit Post 
  13. Fearless Flyer            | Submit Post 
  14. Mirasee                     | Submit Post 
  15. BusinessTown            | Submit Post 
  16. HR Zone                    | Submit Post 
  17. Tweak Your Biz           | Submit Post 
  18. Business Zone            | Submit Post 
  19. My Corporation           | Submit Post 
  20. Training Zone             | Submit Post 
  21. Accounting Web          | SUbmit Post 
  22. Killer Startups             | Submit Post
  23. Business 2 Community | Submit Post 
  24. Small Business Trends  | Submit Post 
  25. Oil Price                       | Submit Post 
  26. Get Rich Slowly             | Submit Post 
  27. Money Crashers            | Submit Post 
  28. Bigger Pockets              | Submit Post 
  29. All Business                  | Submit Post 
  30.               | Submit Post 
  31. Feedster                       | submit Post 
  32. BizSugar                       | Submit Post 
  33. SiteProNews                  | Submit Post 
  34. Business-Opportunities   | Submit Post
  35. Money Saving Mom        | Submit Post  

Health | relationships | fitness- Blogs

  1. Health Line      | Submit Post 
  2. Greatist           | Submit Post 
  3. Brain Blog        | submit the post
  4. Lift for Life       | Submit Post
  5. FitAthletic        | Submit Post 
  6. One Fitness      | Submit Post 
  7. CareKees         | Submit Post 
  8. thehealthjournals    | Submit Post 
  9. writingandwellness   | Submit Post 
  10. fitnessmagazine       | Submit Post
  11.             | SUbmit Post  
  12. mindbodygreen       | Submit Post 
  13. ayushveda              | Submit Post 
  14. girlgetstrong           | Submit Post 
  15. manvsweight          | Submit Post
  16. Master Cleansas      | Submit Post  
  17. hivehealthmedia      |Submit Post 
  18. SelfGrowth             | Submit Post 
  19.                |Submit Post
  20. The change blog     | SUbmit post 
  21. Yegfitness              | Submit Post 
  22. fitnessandpower     | Submit Post 
  23. theptdc                  | Submit post 
  24. fitnessmentors       | Submit Post 
  25. nourishtheguide      | Submit Post 
  26. iloverelationship     | Submit Post 
  27. marriage                | Submit Post 
  28. cupidspulse            | Submit Post 
  29. gofameus.              | Submit Post 
  30. yourtango               | Submit Post 

Sports – Blogs 

  1. realsport101         | Submit Post 
  2. lastwordonsports   | SUbmit Post 
  3. sportsnetworker    | Submit Post 
  4. worldinsport          | Submit Post 
  5. allsportstalk           | Write For Us
  6. playerline              | Submit Post 
  7. Work in Sports
  8. ProjectsWole
  9. Sport Witness
  10. Sports Haze
  11. Off The Post

Photography- Blogs

  1. designstacks  | submit Post 
  2. nenuno          | SUbmit Post 
  3.  Top Design Magazine
  4.  Web Granth
  5.  Digital Photography School
  6.  iHeartFaces
  7.  Steve’s Digicams
  8. SLR Lounge
  9.  InstantShift
  10.  iHeartFaces
  11.  Steve’s Digicams

Food Blogs 

  1. menuism     | Submit Post 
  2. Footcarefacts | Write For Us
  3. headsupfortails  | SUbmit Post
  4. runsociety.    | Submit Post 
  5. Food Sense
  6. VoiceBoks
  7. Food Sense

Dog health Blogs For Guest Post 

  1. littledogtips     | Submit Post 
  2. woofdog          | Write For Us 
  3. smalldogplace   | Write For US 
  4. just4petcare     | Write For Us
  5. petconnection   | Write For US
  6. can-pets-eat     | Write For Us 
  7. chelseadogs      | Write For Us
  8. akc                   | Write For Us 
  9. dogexpress       | Write For Us
  10. dogmal.            | Write For Us

Nutrition – Blogs For Guest Posting 

  1. seleneriverpress       | Submit Post 
  2. eatlove.                   | Submit Post 
  3. nutriplanet               | Submit Post 
  4. nutrition-rocks         | Submit Post 
  5. foodforfitness          | Submit Post 

Pet Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

  1. blog.gopetfriendly         | Write For Us 
  2. dogsnaturallymagazine  | Write For Us 
  3. preloved                       | Write For Us
  4. animalbliss                   | Write For Us
  5. fidoseofreality.              | Write For Us
  6. doggydreamteam          | Write for us 
  7. pet-files                        | Write For Us 
  8. houseofpetz                  | Write For Us
  9. petful                           | Write For Us
  10. blogpaws                      | Write For Us

So this free Guest Posting sites that help to improve your search presence and your website traffic by the guest post

Now Select The blog in which You want to Submit Your Guest post and Earn Free High-Quality backlink

Guest Post is very effective in SEO

I Hope You Like This Article and Share With Your Friends – Thanx And Happy Blogging

How To Submit Sitemap in Blogger – Step by Step Guide

Seo training in hindi

How To Submit a Sitemap to blogger many people run his blog on blogger platform in which we need to submit a sitemap to google search consol but manually.

in this post, we know how to submit sitemap blogger sitemap to google 

But First We know 

What Are Sitemap? 

according to google webmaster, A sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content. Search engine web crawlers like Googlebot read this file to more intelligently crawl your site.

now we know what is sitemap and now we read step by step guide to submit sitemap in blogger.

How to submit sitemap in blogger step by step 

  • First Open “Google search consol in your Browser”
How To Submit blogger sitemap to Google search consol
  • Now Select A site in which you want to add sitemap after that you see the option “Sitemap” click on (According to image)
How To Submit blogger sitemap to Google search consol
  • Your Click on Sitemap After that click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP  
How To Submit blogger sitemap to Google search consol
  • Now You have seen the box like you sowing in this image Write “Sitemap.xml” in this box
How To Submit blogger sitemap to Google search consol


  • Click on Submit Button –

Congratulation Your Sitemap has been successfully submitted to google search engine it will appear in next 24 Hour.

Thanx For Reading – Keep Visiting Hownetingo You May Also Like –


How to add Custom robots.txt in Blogger

Custum robots txt in blogger

add Custom robots.txt in Blogger it’s very important to add when you use blogger Plate form for your website.

in blogger, we need to add custom robots.txt for Better SEO and search presence.

But many people don’t know about this blogger feature and didn’t know how to add robots txt file in Blogger.

Ok Well but now in this post, we know how to add the robots.txt file in Your blogger Website or blog.

Also Read – Adsense High Paying Keyword in 2018

What is Robots.txt File in Blogger

Robots.txt is a file that index your content in Google search engine

According to – Web site owners use the /robots.txt file to give instructions about their site to web robots; this is called The Robots Exclusion Protocol. … The “Disallow: /” tells the robot that it should not visit any pages on the site.

How to add Custom Robots.txt in blogger

  • Sing into Your Blogger And go to Setting 
how to add custom robots.txt in blogger hIndi
Custom Robots Header Txt
  • Go >>Setting>>Search Preference 
how to add custom robots.txt in blogger hIndi
Custom Robots Header Txt
  •  Now you have seen The Option Custom Robots.txt Click on [Enable]
how to add custom robots.txt in blogger hIndi
Add caption
  •  Now Go to New Tab And Search with Your URL Like – According to this image

how to add custom robots.txt in blogger hIndi

  • Now Copy the all tex that you have seen in the red box like this image
how to add custom robots.txt in blogger hIndi
Custom Robots Header Txt
  • Now Paste the code into the Custom robots.txt File section of blogger

Successfully Added the robots.txt file in blogger Don’t Forget to add Sitemap in Blogger click it.

Thanx For reading – Happy Blogging 

Best Place To Learn Digital Marketing and SEO 2018

learn digital marketing

Are you find the best place to learn digital marketing and Best Digital Marketing Blogs.

then you have a right place people who want to learn SEO and digital marketing but it’s not doing because he not find the better platform to learn Digital Marketing.

Nowadays career in a digital marketing its bright day by day every company wants a perfect digital marketer.

A Lot of Places available on google to learn SEO but in this post, we know some free Places a blog To learn Digital Marketing.

Best Places To Learn Digital Marketing and SEO 2018

Best places to learn Digital Marketing

First We know about some best Digital marketing blog that provides better And High-Quality content to learn Digital marketing.


The best thing is Moz is guided step by step and post regular amazing and useful article that helps to learn digital marketing.

It has continued to push all aspects of SEO, even as that strategy has become something of a four-letter word in digital marketing. (source)

Moz in My Fevirout blog to learn SEO and Digital marketing if you want to learn marketing start to read the Moz blog.

2.Kissmetrics blog

Another best blog to learn marketing is Kissmetrics its founded by Neil Patel in this blog we read marketing by the infographic.

amazing explanation by infographic and admin It is still the gold standard in teaching marketers how to apply analysis and testing to their marketing strategies.

You Read Regular a fresh content on this blog that helps to learn the new technique of marketing And Content marketing.

3.Quick Sprout

An another Marketing blog by Neil Patel Quick sprout great blog and its give tool to analyze any website also we can audit any site with this amazing blog.

the truth is that the articles on the site are hypnotically-easy to read, and Patel puts everything int the actionable language.

4.Social Media Examiner

This is all about social media marketing and the social media marketing is part of digital marketing.

if wants to learn digital marketing you should learn about Social media marketing.

This blog is helping to learn SMM you can learn new and fresh content about social media.

social media examiner is given the Regular update the news and quality content of social media.

5.The Search Engine Journal

Started its journey in 2003 – it’s a not an on people it’s a Community of Marketing And SEO Expert that give a More quality content about news, trends, personalities, and strategies in the industry.

You can join the webinar of search engine journal and ask the live question about marketing and SEO.


This blog is all about content marketing and blogging its help to improve ower content marketing strategy

Copyblogger is a Blogging Based blog you can learn an Amazing Cool trick for your business

7.Neil Patel Blog and Youtube Video 

and the blog behind my success is Neil Patel and its video I watched Youtube video of Neil Patel and follow the rules of Neil and finally I learn SEO And Marketing

if you want to do the better in digital marketing read Neil Patel blog and video it’s amazing

Neil Patel Post a Regular content on his blog and podcast that help to boost your marketing strategy Neil tell an amazing link building strategy

Some More Amazing blog in which You learn Complete Digital Marketing in 2018

Article For You – WordPress SEO Guide With Secret Tips 

Article For You – How to use Quora For Digital Marketing 

Article For You – Adsense High Paying Keyword 

So We hade seen the best blog to the learn digital marketing now the time to share a second place to learn marketing and SEO let us know

Best Forum To learn Digital Marketing -Infographic 

digital marketing forum

I hope you have seen the best forum to learn digital marketing this all top 10 forum help to find the best digital marketing strategy

in all forum you ask questions to an expert about your problem and issue also you can help to other people and receive referral traffic from any forum

I hope you like this article – if you found some mistake in this post please comment

Are You Want to learn Digital Marketing in Hindi Click Here!

Free review submission sites list in India & USA

Review submission site list in USA India

Review submission site list help to create a better Online presence why because people review your business and Other People trust on your site or Business

Another thing is we can use the review submission site as off page SEO we are creat the backlink with the help of review submission site list

We can Optimize ower site off page SEO with the help of Review submission site because we submit site to review submission site and they are back backlink

the backlink with created by review submission site has helped to rank ower site in google fast and also its improve ower site SERP Rank

SO in this article i shared you high pr review submission site list i india and usa

Free review submission sites list in India & USA

free review submission sites

So in this post, we learn about Review submission site and also see how review site help to create backlink and make better SERP

If you have any questions about this post ask me I try to give answer quickly

99+ Adsense High Paying Keywords And Niches in 2018

Adsense High Paying Keywords

Now the time to know the Adsense High Paying Keywords in 2018 Yes Many People write blog post without focus on high paying keyword today we learn about high paying keyword that increases your Adsense revenue more than 50%

Learn Previews post- Best WordPress SEO Plugin in 2018

write a post with Google Adsense high CPC keywords if your blog about low CPC Niche than you didn’t get high CPC but your blog is an about highest CPC Niche and Keyword than You earn more money less than 1000 visit

According To wordstream Infographic – The Top 20 Most Expensive Keyword in google analytic See this infographic

Infographic source-

Highest CPC niche topics

Top 10 Google Adsense High Paying Keywords in 2018

1. Insurance  Highest CPC $54.91

2. Loans Highest CPC $44.28

3. Mortgage Highest CPC $47.12

4. Attorney HIghest CPC $47.07

5. Credit Highest CPC $36.06

6. Lawyer Highest CPC $42.51

7. Donate Highest CPC $42.12

8. Degree Highest CPC $46.61

9. Hosting Highest CPC $31.91

10. Claim Highest CPC $45.51

That is Top 10 Keyword that Gives more earning rather than other keyword and niche

>>>>>How to make A SEO Friendly URL Structure 

so we had wach the top 10 Adsense keyword now we see some more high paying keyword in Google Adsense adword

Highest CPC Keyword List In 2018 (Source)

  3. PSYCHIC FOR FREE ($94.61)
  10. MET AUTO ($93.70)
  15. NEUSON ($92.89)
  19. EMAIL BULK SERVICE ($92.55)
  20. Mesothelioma Law Firm ($179)
  21. Donate Car to Charity California ($130)
  22. Donate Car for Tax Credit ($126.6)
  23. Donate Cars in MA ($125)
  24. Donate Your Car Sacramento ($118.20)
  25. How to Donate A Car in California ($111.21)
  26. Injury Lawyers ($60.79)
  27. Personal Injury Law Firm ($60.56)
  28. Online Criminal Justice Degree ($60.4)
  29. Car Insurance Companies ($58.66)
  30. Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting ($53)
  31. Insurance Companies ($52)
  32. Business VOIP Solutions ($51.9)
  33. Auto Mobile Insurance Quote ($50)
  34. Auto Mobile Shipping Quote ($50)
  35. SEO SERVICES (16$)
  36. BEST SEO COMPANY (16$)
  39. SEO COMPANY (15$)
  45. PSD TO WORDPRESS (12$)
  48. TECH SCHOOL (12$)
  49. HTML EMAIL (11$)
  55. Online College Course ($78)
  56. Automobile Accident Attorney ($76.57)
  57. Auto Accident Attorney ($75.64)
  58. Car Accident Lawyers ($75.17)
  59. Data Recovery Raid ($73.22)
  60. Futuristic Architecture ($91.44)
  61. Car Donate ($88.26)
  62. Car Donate ($88.26)
  63. Automobile Accident Attorney ($76.57)
  64. Rehab $46.14
  65.  Psychic $43.78
  66. Timeshare $42.13
  67. HVAC $41.24
  68. Business Software $41.12
  69. Medical Needs $40.73
  70. Loans $40.69
  71. Plumber $39.19
  72. Termites $38.88
  73.  Pest Control $38.84
  74. Casino $55.48
  75. Asset Management $49.86
  76. Insurance $48.41
  77. Cash Services & Payday Loans $48.18
  78. Degree $47.36
  79. Medical Coding Services $46.84
  80. Google AdWords $30.06
  81. INJURY LAWYERS ($60.79)

Make a lot of money by this 85 High CPC Keyword write a post each keyword and Optimize for SEO and rank and get money

For You- 80% More Traffic By THis WordPress SEO Guide 

Highest CPC Keyword in India 

  • Download website  – $1-$5
  • Health– $1 -$2
  • Make MOny – $3-$5
  • Technology– $1
  • Blogging – $0.40-$1
  • SEO – $1-$5 

Everyone knows In India we cannot get High CPC rather than Other country India is a low CPC country but some case we got High CPC in India

THanx To read Hownetinfo Visit again………

Source-, Wordstream

Which WordPress SEO plugin is the best in 2018

WordPress SEO plugin

WordPress SEO plugin is the best in 2018– When it comes to WordPress and thinking about WordPress SEO so we don’t forget Yoast SEO plugin

WordPress SEO plugin

Many People ask This Question “Which is the best SEO plugin for WordPress”

Best WordPress SEO plugin in 2018

A lot of Plugin For WordPress SEO Available on the Market But I Recommend the best of WordPress SEO plugin is Yoast SEO

With more than 4.5 million downloads, an average 4.7-star rating out of 5 coupled with thousands of reviews

Why is Yoast better than another SEO plugin?

Yoast is helped to optimize your website SEO that will help to rank any site by Yoast

Now We knowing some Key Feature of Yoast SEO plugin

Key Features:

  • Title Tag & Meta Tags – You can set your Site Title tag & meta Tag with the help of Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Social integration- Yoast SEO comes equipped with Facebook OpenGraph implementation to link SEO and social media.
  • XML Sitemap- No need to submit another sitemap if you submit the sitemap to Yoast SEO
  • Permalink – Set the Custom Permalink and SEt the URL With Category
  • File editor- In the file editor section you can edit your .htacces file in just second
  • Search Console- it is simple to add your site to google webmaster with Yoast SEO Plugin also we can add Bing search engine

  • Post Preview – With help of Yoast SEO We can See How your post is seen in Search engine like –

Yoast SEO Plugin

  • Green Signal – if any problem with Your content like – Don’t use of keyword in heading and the first paragraph than Yoast SEO Automatically Give red signal
  • Yoast Plugin is helping To create a High-Quality content
  • You can also link up your site to Bing Webmaster console using Yoast SEO plugin (Source)
  • SEO page analysis and scores the page based on the focus keyword.
  • Title Tag Length- if you write title more than out of limit it will give a red signal its great tool
  • you can make an SEO friendly URL Structure with this amazing plugin
  • Essely know How much On-Page Optimize Your content or not
  • With the help of Yoast, we know how ower content readable for user or not
  • Essely Focus on Keyword

>>>>> WordPress SEO Guide + Secret Tips Must read 

Yoast SEO Premium

if you want to focus on multiple keywords then you bey a premium version of Yoast SEO

Premium key Feature-
  • Redirect manager creates and manages redirects from within your WordPress install.
  • Multiple focus keywords optimize a single post for up to 5 keywords.
  • Social previews check what your Facebook or Twitter post will look like.
  • Premium support gain access to our 24/7 support team.

Download Yoast SEO 

How To Install On WordPress –

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Yoast SEO’
  3. Activate Yoast SEO from your Plugins page.
  4. Go to “after activation” below.


  1. Upload the wordpress-seo folder to the /wp-content/plugins/directory
  2. Activate the Yoast SEO plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to “after activation” below.

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hostgator hosting offer 50% off coupons

Want to create a website with WordPress and You want to Buy a Hosting that Faster and provide a good service

Hostgator is one of the best hosting services I am used Hostgator for 1 year and finally, I shared this hosting review its amazing service and 24/7 support

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WordPress SEO Tips- The complete wordpress SEO tutorial

Wordpress SEO Tips

WordPress SEO tips –  When we created a blog or website in WordPress so we have seen many SEO setting in WordPress but as a beginner, we didn’t any idea about how to do perfect WordPress SEO optimization

Nowadays WordPress user is increased day by day so we should be required to know about SEO on WordPress.

In this Guide, We learn About some WordPress SEO tips and how to optimize WordPress SEO as a Beginner

WORDPRESS RUNS 28.9% OF THE ENTIRE INTERNET 50-60% is WordPress’ share of the global CMS market – making it the most popular CMS of them all for the 7th year in a row. (Source)

You have a blog on WordPress and you want to thousand of visitor a day on your website So you require a hard WordPress SEO Tips to rank your site in google #1 don’t worry this post will help you to optimize your for SEO and Google SERP

WordPress is giving lot of feature for optimizing your website to rank on google like – Better Plugin for SEO and meta tags title tags and broken link keyword density etc

WordPress SEO Tips complete WordPress SEO tutorial

many guides already shared on google but some site give advance and some site give beginner but in this post, you read First beginners after advancing WordPress SEO Tips let us know

Submit To Search Engine First

After creating a WordPress blog you need to submit your blog to major search engines like google being Yahoo and another search engine

once you have submitted your website to the search engine you receive traffic from a search engine – Read For Wordpress User Guide

Optimize WordPress Speed


Google has added the page speed factor on there ranking factors your blog loading fast google like this type of page and rank them n.1 on google

According to google webmaster blog – Although speed has been used in ranking for some time, that signal was focused on desktop searches. Today we’re announcing that starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

So how you optimize your WordPress blog Speed for wordpress SEO let us know –

  • step 1- install W3 Cashe Plugging and clear cache every week
  • step 2- install regenerate thumbnail and generate all thumbnail again
  • step 3- install Auto Compressed and Optimize images

Speed Optimization Tools – Google page speed insight & GT Matrix  Read This Guide For – Boost WordPress Speed & Performance Read- How Website Speed Actually Impacts Search Ranking

Make SEO Friendly URL Structure

URL is base of any post or website if your URL looks like short and essay to read by people its good for SEO

SEO Friendly URL Liked By google than your chance to rank on google its increased by 20% by this method so let us know how to make SEO friendly URL

  • Step 1- Select Top level domain l
  • Step 2 – add HTTPS instead than HTTP – HTTPS is more secure than HTTP
  • Step 3- Use Short URL
  • Step 4- Add Keyword in your URL
  • Step 4- Readability

Example of Good URL and Bad URL-

Make SEO Friendly URL Structure

we sow in this image 3 type of URL URL that you sow first its Good For SEO And Second option is bad and the third example is didn’t like by google


HTTPS is 110% Secure your website than HTTP, yes its give an SSL certificate to your website to secure your website

if your site using a credit card and receive payment so you need to use this HTTPS see how it Work -Learn – How the https is secure?

Make Mobile Friendly Website – Best WordPress SEO Tips

this is a very important part SEO because Google now announced his own blog we have include page speed to ower ranking factor so if your site has a mobile friendly you got a nice page speed its good for your site

how to make website mobile responsive so its simple buy a theme that gives an option to the Auto responsive website according to Device

Remember that First your website should be a mobile friendly and look good Tools Required –  Google Tool fo check a site mobile friendly or not

Select the Best SEO Plugin for WP Site

Many Plugins are used by People for WordPress SEO but I suggest you use one of the best SEO plugins that people know as Yoast SEO Plugin

According To WPbiginner – It is one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins of all times. Yoast’s WordPress SEO is a comprehensive solution for all your on-site SEO needs.

It allows you to add SEO title, meta description, and meta keywords to each post and page of your site.

Feature of Yoest SEO plugin- 

  1. its allows adding SEO title
  2. you can add Meta Description
  3. You Can Check Keyword density
  4. its Give a Great feature to set a Focus keyword
  5. Check Inbound And Outbound link at On-Page
  6. You Can Optimize image by this plugin
  7. Written tittle under the length of limit

A lot of features you can use on Yoest SEO Paid Version you can perfect optimize the ON-page SEO of your website by Yoest SEO plugin

You Can USe one more plugin for SEO “All in One SEO” – Its Good But I like Yoest SEO -Read – SEO Guide By Yoast SEO How To USe 

Image Optimization

Image optimization is a part of WordPress SEO tutorials so let us know how to optimize

Want to good page speed optimize your images for better speed and better SEO For Better WordPress on page SEO Optimize Your image like Alt Tag Size of image

  • 1.First Compress The Image under 100KB it’s better
  • 2.then rename it with your keyword
  • 3.after that upload and add an alt tag suppose my keyword is WordPress SEO so my ALT Tag is “WordPress SEO”
Add alt and title tags to your images in WordPress

less than 100KB image is fast indexed by Google and when someone searches for query and your image comes first you get traffic to the image it is easy and affordable

Fix Broken LInk

The broken link is not good for your website its give 404 error and this type of error we lose visitor day by day so we should find the broken link and fix them but how?

Solution – many plugins are available that help to find broken link of your website and help to fix them in few minutes You can use Plugin to find a broken link – “WP Broken Link Status Checker

Title Tag optimization

Very Effective WordPress SEO Tips – the title tag is part of meta tags and meta tags are the body of HTML suppose a title of any chapter

example- <Head>Wordpress SEO Guide<head>

Now we come to the title tag optimization in the title SEO we do some optimization like –

  • Your title tag should be a 70 Word
  • Keyword Placement – add your Keyword in first of title suppose my title is “WordPress SEO A Complete Guide” in this title I have added my focus keyword in first
  • Add Site name in last of every title tag
  • Written Essay and readable title tag that people understand easily
  • don’t use any type of stop word in a title tag

So we saw the few point that helps to make a perfect Title tag

Meta Description

don’t ignore meta description doing SEO Why? it’s important yes in WordPress, Yoast SEO gives an opportunity to optimize meta description in WORDPRESS

Add Keyword in Meta Description but Natarualy

XML Sitemap

SItemap is biodata of your website and the biodata send to google an XML format

When we submit a sitemap to Google, Google finds out which page to index the post. So sitemap is Very Important part of SEO How to submit it ‘s easy in WP

By Google Search Consol (Source)

  1. Sign in to Google Search Console.
  2. On your Search Console home page, select your website.
  3. In the left sidebar, click Crawl and then Sitemaps.
  4. Remove outdated or invalid sitemaps like sitemap.xml
  5. Click the Add/Test Sitemap button in the top right.
  6. Enter intositemap_index.xml the text box that appears.
  7. Click Submit.

By Yoast SEO plugin

  1. Login WordPress you will see a menu. In that menu, click on ‘SEO’.
  2. Click on ‘XML Sitemaps’.
  3. Click To Enable it XML Sitemap
  4. Click ‘Save Changes’ to activate XML Sitemaps.
  5. View your new XML Sitemap by clicking the ‘XML Sitemap’ button.

(Source) Read The Complete Guide to submit sitemap in Yoest SEO 

Customize WordPress Theme

in the Appearance option, you can find the customize option for your theme Customize means add Widget and Gadget Add Properly Manus and set up a Homepage you can setup Static homepage in WordPress

Optimization of menu is part of SEO its Help to people that find what type of info shared on this site Like my niche is SEO and I am sharing info about Blogging WordPress And Digital Marketing

How people know about other Category its simple by Manu and pages yes I’ve created different menu on my homepage


WordPress important SEO tips – WordPress Allow to Add Heading to your every page and Post because Google has better understand title and heading of any post

Heading Necks Google Easily Understands What Kinds of Information Here Page And if Google is quick to understand our page, then we get quick access to the top 10 in Google use H1,h2,h3,h4 Heading in your Article

No, Follow Non-relevant LInk

if you are giving a do follow backlink that site have a nonrelevant content it’s not good for your ranking and this type of link not liked by Visitor and the bad effect on your WordPress SEO

WordPress has a lot of plugins that help to make no follow or do follow link in few second

Cashe Plugin WP Fastest Cache

Many Cashe Plugin available on WordPress but I suggest you WP Fastest Cashe Plugin This plugin creates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog When a page is rendered, PHP and MySQL are used. Therefore, the system needs RAM and CPU.

Setup of this plugin is so easy. You don’t need to modify the .htacces file. It will be modified automatically. (


  1. Mod_Rewrite which is the fastest method is used in this plugin
  2. All cache files are deleted when a post or page is published
  3. Admin can delete all cached files from the options page (Source)  Download The Plugin – Click Here!

Switch To better Hosting

A better Hosting website has a good page speed and if you are used a low price hosting your site sometime sow the error 501 server cant find and many types error may be you see at the low hosting plan.

and this type of error not good for Your WordPress site SEO

Inbound LInk and outbound link

Linking your landing page to new post and old post bcoz they are passed link juice when someone clicks and the link juice is help to ranking better Linking your all Landing page to another landing page and new post update your old post and add some new internal link

and now we come on the outbound link that links good for your visit you can add this type of link on your post this way google like

Read How internal link effect on SEO and external link 

Add Shema

This is not an SEO factor but you can increase your click-through rate

schema markup told the SERP to display a schedule of upcoming hotel events. That, for the user, is exceptionally helpful.

Schema markup is code (semantic vocabulary) that you put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users.(Source)

google search result

Image from

Read the complete GUide to use schema on Kissmetrix

Bonus WordPress SEO Tips- How To do perfect WordPress SEO-  Add Social Button to share people your content Social Media the other platforms


With WordPress, you can create a better sleep-friendly website and today most of the bloggers are using this

The most important thing in SEO is content, your information will be as much as the quality of the information and the quality you will get on your Google ranking.

SEO Expert “Content is king ” yes its right Your content should be liked by your user. Google will rank it automatically

So we had read and know about WordPress SEO Tips and complete WordPress SEO tutorials.