How to Increase website traffic instantly Using Google Search Consol


You have A Business Website Or Personal Blog Or E-commerce Website And You are Looking for the Way How To Increase Website Traffic Instantly.

As Your Info, there is no Organic way to Increase Traffic Suddenly But we can effort to increase Traffic.

A Webmaster Doing lots of effort to increase traffic on his website but sometimes his can’t Get more traffic Why…

He Doesn’t implement Proper SEO On His website this is One region and another region is You do all The On-Page and Off-page Properly but you forget the Main opportunity to increase more traffic from Google to your website.

Ok, Dont’worry I will teach You The second Part of the SEO in This Guide that helps to Find More SEO opportunity to get more client on Your website By Using Google search console.

A New Webmaster Focus on Content and SEO But he forgets the Search consol Webmaster Tools A Webmaster Tools Provide all the details of Your Website Like –

Crawling, Error 404 Error, Indexing Status, Blocked Page, And Backlink, Organic CTR and Search Queries Landing Page and all The Search engine report.

These are some report provided by search console If anything goes wrong in it, you may see a bad effect on your Google ranking.

Ok, I Hope you understood the Importance of Google search consol Now we return To our main Point How to increase website traffic Instantly Let’s know –

How to Increase Website Traffic instantly – Google Search Consol

There are lots of things that google search console sow but we follow the main thing that is “Search Queries” How People come to from Keyword actually we identify in Google Webmaster.

I’m talking about Search Analytics in Google Webmaster in Search Analytics, we get a full keyword, which is getting more traffic to our website.

Now return the main Point How we increase the Traffic by Using Search analytics

ok, I will Give, in Short, we find the Keyword and Post in which we getting a Traffic from Google and Again Re-Optimize the post according to Keyword Queries let’s See-

First Open Your Search consol Dashboard 

Your Search consol Dashboard Like This –

Google Search Consol Traffic

Now Go to “Search Traffic” Example is Here –

google search console top keyword

  • First Select Search Traffic
  • Second Select Search Analytics
  • Third Click on Pages
  • Now You See All The Keyword Queries or Pages that You getting Higher traffic and Impression

Now You See All The Landing Pages That Rank With Your Page/Post if You want to see Queries than select it.

Google top pages in Console

Ok Now Open any One page which you need to do more Optimization for SEO.

Like I open Any One page than I Will seen the queries in which I have already got some traffic.

Like I open On page SEO Techniques Page than I will see Some Queries –

  • On-page SEO Checklist
  • On page SEO factor
  • Latest ON page SEO ETC.

This type of queries I will see in my search analytics in your case it will depend on your Niches.

Now Collect Minimum 2 or 3 Keyword on which you will get a good impression.

Optimize the Content within This 2 or 3 Keyword 

  • Add those keywords in Your
  • Post
  • Meta Description
  • title Tag
  • Heading

I mean Re-Optimize Of Your Blog Post According to Top Keyword which you already getting some piece of Traffic.

because I have already getting traffic so if I added in my Title tag and description or Heading than I will be getting 50% more traffic on my Blog that’s a logic behind the “How to increase traffic instantly by google search consol”

I have Tried Personally this technique it will help to increase your organic traffic by 50% more also Many SEO Expert Suggest the Tips – Neil Patel

Now Its Your turn Imiment the Guide Now and See The Result

Remember – Don’t Remove that keyword that already good traffic.